ANHBC Donor Development Consultant Request for Proposals

The CEO and Board of Directors of ANHBC is seeking assistance from a consultant to develop a business case and operational plan for a donor development program.


The Association of Neighbourhood Houses BC (ANHBC) has been serving British Columbians since 1894 and is one of the oldest, continuously serving societies in the Province of BC. Our mission is to build healthy and engaged neighbourhoods by connecting people and strengthening their capacity to create change.

Through eight neighbourhood houses and an outdoor camp, ANHBC reaches more than 100,000 people throughout Metro Vancouver with more than 300 programs and services.

When you walk through the doors of our many sites, you’ll find unique and vibrant places where people can build their social life through cultural and recreational activities and groups or improve their personal capacity through camping and outdoor experiences, workshops, courses and employment counselling.

Neighbourhood houses provide healthy places to live, work and play for residents of any age, from all walks of life. We’ve learned that people come to view their neighbourhood house as a second home, and often multiple generations from the same family will discover programs and services that help them develop roots in their community.

Our programs and services are locally-based but are also supportive of Metro Vancouver and provincial initiatives to strengthen communities. ANHBC is a non-profit organization and a registered charity. Along with operating our neighbourhood houses and camp, we also organize fundraising initiatives, carry out community development projects, support the development of new neighbourhood houses and services, and sponsor the Good Neighbours Awards.


As part of our 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, ANHBC identified diversified funding as a key strategic priority. Currently ANHBC’s total revenue from fundraising and donations is 1.5% of our current total annual budget of $22 Million. An analysis of our donor database has revealed that many of our donors have a capacity to give but have only done so once due to a lack of proper stewardship and engagement. In order to grow our capacity to bring community together, and to develop long-lasting relationships with our donors, we are seeking to invest in the development of a donor development program for the Association.


There are three key objectives for this project:

  1. Develop a business case for an organization-wide donor development program at ANHBC.
  2. Develop an implementation plan for a donor development program.
  3. Develop marketing and communications materials to support a donor development program.

A donor development program should build the capacity of the Association to support its Neighbourhood Houses/Camps to:

  • Establish and grow relationships with individual, corporate, government,and organizational supporters;
  • Leverage technology and business intelligence to support donor stewardship;
  • Increase the number of annual and monthly donors and their average gift size;
  • Develop and implement a major-gifts and planned giving program;
  • Support the growth of a culture of philanthropy within the Association.

ANHBC is seeking a consultant or firm that is able to address the first objective of developing a business case for a donor development program. Should such a business case prove viable and is approved by the ANHBC Board of Directors, the consultant may be contracted to develop an implementation plan for this program and potentially assist in the development of marketing and communications materials strategy.


The purpose of issuing this RFP is to recruit and hire a consultant or firm to work with ANHBC’s CEO to develop a business case for a donor development program to be presented to the Board of Directors by February 2020.

Interested parties are invited to respond to this RFP by submitting a response to ANHBC.

Respondents are requested to provide a concise and focused response to this RFP. Responses are requested in the following format:

  1. Brief company or individual profile;
  2. Name of a key contact person, including telephone number and email address;
  3. Proposed work plan organized as requested in this RFP, with additional insight if required;
  4. Other required information specific to the nature of this RFP and deemed important by the respondent.

Responses should include:

a)examples showing experience with donor developmentconsultation and implementation of donor programs;

b)examples demonstrating a proven track record of accomplishments in all aspects of fundraising, including individual, corporate, planned giving, major gifts and foundation campaigns;

c)a high-level work plan and a timeline to produce a business case;

d)a price proposal for this scope of work; and

e)Information about the qualifications or experience of their firm or individuals in their firm.

All responses to this RFP become the property of ANHBC and will be held in confidence. Respondents to this RFP consent to ANHBC incorporating any submitted ideas, concepts, approaches, or strategies into any planning, design, procurement, or contractual activities related to any aspect of the project without any obligation, liability, or consideration on the part of ANHBC. ANHBC will not be responsible for any costs incurred by any vendor in responding to this RFP.

Responses should be emailed to the following address before 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Monday, November 4, 2019, and should quote RFP title: ANHBC Donor Development Consultant.


Carly Geistlinger

ANHBC Operations Manager

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