A story of new friends, yummy food and youth connections. We hope you enjoy Samsun’s story, written in their own words.

My first time going to the [Marpole Neighbourhood House] was in 2019, that’s when my sister joined the preteen club. Some of my other friends also went there. I would watch them and I used to enjoy yummy food with my friends.

Then Covid came, so now we do the preteen club online. I also joined the club this year. I like the activities we do. Sometimes I don’t play the games, so I just do something else or watch. They also send us snacks like juice and granola bars. They once gave us jelly and cakes. My favourite snack was the jelly [and] my favourite activity was the stress balls. We had two balloons and put one inside the other [and then] filled it with rice and tied it. We hope we will start in person [preteen club] soon!

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