Paying It Forward

Amy Majam’s ANHBC journey began sixteen years ago, shortly after she immigrated to Canada from the Philippines. At the time, she had enrolled in a settlement employment program at the Immigrant Services Society of BC, which she credits immensely for helping her adjust to life in Canada. Aside from assisting with her job search, Amy’s case manager, Freda, equipped her with essential knowledge and resources – from applying for housing to opening a bank account and even layering for winter weather. It was during this pivotal moment in her life when Amy was introduced to the Neighbourhood House Movement and when she joined the ANHBC team.

Although neighbourhood houses were an unfamiliar concept in Amy’s home country, her prior experience as a private sector accountant led her to apply for an accounts payable position at ANHBC. After reviewing her resume and participating in mock interviews with Freda, Amy landed the job, and has continued to grow and succeed ever since! At ANHBC, Amy not only completed her Certification General Accountant (CGA) designation, but she has also become an instrumental member of the Finance Team as the Financial Services Manager. 

Beyond being “blessed to have the feeling of stability” in her career, Amy is glad to have built relationships with so many wonderful people within the ANHBC network and is proud to work for an organization that puts people first. Amy feels a strong sense of connection to the Neighbourhood House Movement; she sees the link between her day-to-day work with program directors and the tangible impact of ANHBC’s programs on the social health of communities. As an immigrant and working parent, Amy understands the importance of these support systems and feels indebted to the community that helped her adjust to life in Canada. 

In Amy’s eyes, the work that she does now is her way of giving back to the community; though she works behind the scenes, providing financial reporting to stakeholders directly contributes to the success of neighbourhood house programs. She recalls feeling as though she was taking so much when she first arrived in Canada. Now, she is paying it forward. 

Thank you, Amy, for sharing your story with us. 

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