Gardening to Give Back

Introducing Saba, a landscape architect, a passionate community member and advocate for boulevard gardens who has found a unique way to financially support the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (MPNH). Saba's journey began with his Instagram project, where he posted photos of every boulevard garden he encountered.

To Saba's surprise, his Instagram account gained a significant following, and soon he received a request from one of his followers to organize a walking tour showcasing his favourite boulevard gardens. Although new to leading tours, Saba embraced the opportunity to share his passion and agreed to be compensated for his time.

Recognizing his strong commitment to community building and the fact that the tour took place in his own neighborhood, Saba made the decision to donate payments to MPNH. This choice was a natural extension of his belief in the power of community and the shared values of his tours and the organization. Inspired by this initial act of giving, Saba decided to structure the tours as donation-based, ensuring that all proceeds directly support MPNH in their mission to foster vibrant and connected communities. "These boulevard gardens are what inspired me to start my project which has in turn inspired members of my community, who were originally strangers, to connect with me and to inspire and support my walking tour,” shares Saba. “This tour has become a fun and popular community-building event, that has connected neighbours from all walks of life who come together through shared movement outdoors to learn environmental education and nature awareness lessons through the lens of boulevard gardens, [while giving back to our local neighbourhood house]."

Saba understands the tremendous contribution of boulevard gardens to the community. These beautiful gardens, lovingly installed and maintained by private residents in public spaces, are like gifts to the neighbourhood. Saba recognized their potential to enhance the streets, promote sustainability, and foster neighbourly interactions. Inspired by this vision, he embarked on organizing the tours, driven by his desire to share the benefits of boulevard gardening with all the folks in the neighbourhood. Since starting Saba has given 10 tours, and plans to host one annually on Earth Day. Through these tours, Saba has brought together community members from different walks of life, creating connections and fostering a deeper appreciation for the transformative power of green spaces.

Saba's efforts showcase the power of individual passions and how they can be harnessed to support the community. MPNH is incredibly grateful for Saba's dedication, creativity, and ability to unite neighbours through shared experiences. Thank you, Saba, for inspiring and supporting the MPNH and for bringing the community closer together through the beauty of boulevard gardens.

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