Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House has been my home, my family and my meeting place to see my friends in a year when I needed all three the most. I’m a Mexican citizen and permanent resident of Canada, married to a Canadian citizen. This sometimes translates to a lack of understanding or support in my relationship with my partner when raising our child.

This year I was fortunate to attend the “Nadie es Perfecto” program given by Maria Helena and Ana Lorena, and it changed my life as a mother, wife and friend. I had the opportunity to meet the most wonderful women and get to call them friends at the end of the program. I have learned from them, started new adventures and feel like I’m back in my hometown going out with the girls when we get to meet on zoom (even after months of finishing the course).

This experience helped me find myself again in learning what the word community means: home. This is only one example of all the wonderful and life changing experiences I have gained by being part of such a strong and loving community at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House; which sometimes feels so hard to find in Vancouver. I really consider myself lucky to have followed my friend’s advice and check my local [neighbourhood house] for any available programs for my son. Thank you Spanish group, thank you Frog Hollow, thank you Maria and Ana for your unconditional love, care and dedication in keeping our community healthy, together and strong.

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