This story is shared with us by Cindy of South Vancouver Neighbourhood House.

5 years ago, Cindy starting attending the Family Drop-In program at South Vancouver Neighbourhood House with her one and a half year old son. Since then, Cindy and her family have continued to use SVNH services, and grown to participate in the many programs and festivities. Aside from the family programs and services, and the youth programs for her children, Cindy's family has participated in enriching activities and workshops, including learning about Indigenous culture and forming friendships with fellow participants.

Cindy's experiences with South Vancouver Neighbourhood House has helped to create a sense of belonging in the community for her family, while providing a safe and nurturing space for her children. She's gained new skills and hobbies over the years as a participant, and been given the space to celebrate her and her family's culture while learning from and about other cultures.

"I have two kids. The first time we touched the SVNH [was] when my younger kid, 1 and half years old, [was put] in [the] family drop in program. Right now he is almost 6. Almost all the [milestones] of my family [have been] celebrated with SVNH."

Thank you Cindy for your story!