Sasamat Outdoor Centre is the ANHBC Family's one camp! We hope you enjoy this interview with Sasamat Summer Camp Staff Jenna.

How long have you been involved with Sasamat Outdoor Centre? And what drew you to working there?
I've worked at Sasamat since 2019, I'm currently working my third summer, and I've worked two off seasons. When I first applied I had just graduated high school, and I knew that I liked the outdoors and had a very energetic personality so I thought it would be a good fit.

What is special about Sasamat?
The community that comes from being a small camp makes Sasamat special! I've made some really good friends there over the years and working at Sasamat really brought out my love for the outdoors. I'm now studying environmental science at Simon Fraser University.

Since I'm working my third summer, a lot of kids are coming back who I had in previous years, and it's so cool to see them get bigger over the years. There are few things cooler than seeing kids' faces light up when they realize that you actually remember them from last summer, super rewarding. I had a group of kids all exchange info at the end of the week because they all wanted to stay friends outside of camp, which was really nice.

What impact does working at Sasamat have on your life?
I've met some of the most supportive and amazing people in my life at camp. There's a really amazing sense of community that comes with working there, which has made me more confident in my decision-making abilities, and generally more sure of myself.

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