At the beginning of the pandemic nearly half of the 31 ANHBC childcare facilities remained open to support the families of essential workers, during an extremely difficult and unprecedented time. This is just one story of many, and it is one of adaptation, sacrifice and community love, we hope you enjoy it!

“This past year [at Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House] has been filled with uncertainty and fear as we have all faced a pandemic,” wrote Cedar Cottage staff. “Childcare was deemed an essential service and we remained open for those families that needed care."

The gift of Cedar Cottage child care workers has been the most valuable gift our family has ever been offered,” shared the Irene-Joly Family. “Being a healthcare worker, during the most unsettling and scary time of my career, we could not keep our child home, safe from the unknown toll of this pandemic. During the peak of the pandemic, the workers at Cedar Cottage embraced our son, and kept him safe, educated, and loved, despite their own fears of the uncertainty. 

At Cedar Cottage they were able to create a world for him where he was oblivious to the societal panic. I legitimately was able to breathe a sigh of relief when I knew that he was in their care, while we all faced the day at hand, and went to work. We will never forget what you have done and sacrificed, and we are forever in your debt.” 

We are very thankful for the staff, the parents, all levels of government, and our colleagues in the field for all their support, funds and guidance to weave through this difficult time. Thank you for sharing your Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House story!

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