Name Board Role Occupation
Adam Blanchard Alexandra Neighbourhood House Rep. Commercial Banking
Bill Briscall Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House Rep./ Vice President Manager of Communications
Dan Watson Gordon Neighbourhood House Rep. Planner
Darius Maze Member-at-large Resource Development & Communications Manager
Darlene Dean Member-at-large HR Consultant
Ethan Dang Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House Rep. Portfolio Manager
Heather Ritzer Member-at-large Business Development & Communications Manager
John Conway Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Rep. Emeritus Professor of Psychology
Kim Nguyen Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House Rep. Portfolio Analyst
Kristin Schreckenbach South Vancouver Neighbourhood House Rep. Branch Manager
Mandeep Mann Member-at-large Chartered Accountant
Moyra Crawford Sasamat Outdoor Centre Rep. Associate General Counsel
Naseem Bawa Member-at-large General Counsel
Sue Melnychuk Member-at-large/President Consultant
Terry Stanway Member-at-large/Treasurer Teacher